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Streamlined planning has never been easier with the Anaplan UX. In this video, join along as Anaplan's Operational Excellence Group take you through our AOP planning, starting with learnings from the prior year, moving through the forecasting process, and providing reporting to stakeholders. Discover how and where to remove friction, boost cross-functional collaboration, and keep the right people engaged. This video highlights some of the recently released features to take your planning to the next level.

Model Experience:

  • Deep linking
  • Formula indentation
  • Model search
  • Seamless integration with the UX

User Experience:

  • Data Write action
  • Breakback
  • Copy Across/Copy Down
  • Forms
  • Assign action
  • Gantt charts
  • Sync scrolling
  • Share and Comment functionality
  • Mobile
  • Management Reporting

Questions about the latest UX features? Leave a comment!



  • @R_Goza 

    I could not find where I can modify a button to be unavailable for clicking based on conditions (5:40 on your video). Could you guide me?


  • R_Goza



    You can make an action button greyed out or unavailable by applying DCA to the Line Item that you are importing into.  In the example you're referring to at minute 5:40, the "Submit for Review" button is a Data Write action.  That action is making the cell value in my "Submit Forecast?" Line Item TRUE when run.  I have DCA applied to the "Submit Forecast?" Line Item.  If the forecast is less than or equal to the target, Write access = TRUE and the action is enabled.  If the forecast is greater than the target, Write access = FALSE and the boolean would become unavailable.  


    Hopefully this helps. 

  • @R_Goza 

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. The video demo is very nice, I found good examples for my cases.

    Could you please also help me with that Version variance in MR? Do we have a guide in Anapedia or anywhere on how to apply it?

  • R_Goza



    You are referring to Variance Reporting which hasn't been released yet.  It's scheduled to be released next week.  I did a getting started video that will be posted on Community next week when Variance Reporting is released.  The video walks through the setup and should answer all your questions.  I'll post the link to the video here next week after the release.  

  • Looking forward to getting my hands on variance reporting.

    Will also have to try out the DCA on Import as discussed already.

  • lsutton

    In the video you showed a grid that showed the date an action was last run. How do we access this information? Is there a specific formula that retrieves it?

  • R_Goza



    The date in the grid you're referring to was populated using a Data Write action.  One of the options is to write the current date to a cell when the action is run.  The action uses the date from your browser.  This link below covers Data Write actions, including setup, in more detail. 



  • lsutton

    Thanks @R_Goza !! I'll take a look into that!

  • Great job and thank you for this real-time demo showing how features can be applied in real-world situations.  Connecting the demo to recent functionality releases was very helpful as well.

  • I ecko @traynham - the demo of the releases in action is tremendously helpful. Big thanks for putting this together. 

  • Thanks @R_Goza  for putting this demo for all of us. Just checking if there is already a plan to expand the usage of Data Write Actions from Singe cell to Multiple cells and be a part of Process?

  • Thank you so much for the demo. This is incredibly helpful. 


    At 9:27, would you mind explaining how did you manage to have the pic in the top left corner changed from a clock to pending for review after pressing the submit for review? 


    Many thanks.

  • @LilyLiuAnaplan 


    For this demo, we have an output module dimensioned by time, cost center, GL account, and version.  In the output module we have a line item that tells us our workflow status (not started, in progress, pending review, or approved) and a line item that displays our image URL based on the workflow status.  To get the image line item to be dynamic we have a properties module dimensioned by our Workflow Status list.  In the properties module we have a line item formatted as text and the text type is set to "Link".  We added an image link for each workflow status.  In the "Image" line item in your output module you just lookup the image link from your properties module based on the workflow status in your output module.  This makes the image dynamic and it will update as your workflow status changes.        


    If you aren't familiar with storing image URL's click here for more information. 


    The "Submit for Review" button is a Data Write action.  For more information on Data Write actions click here for more information.  


    Hopefully this helps. 

  • Thank you so much, @R_Goza !!

  • @R_Goza  - Where did you get those images from? Any website where we have a library of such images? 

  • Instructive! thanks for sharing this @R_Goza. using images for workflow status by workaround of attribute is nice one.