How to remove List Subset Item from Labels in Export


Hi I have an export from module, where one of two dimensions is  the List Subset Item. When I want to export it as Tabular Mutliple Columns - I see in the Lables only name (connected to the First Dimension). I need to removed List Subset Item from my export, like other labels. I wonder how to do it?

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  • alexpavel
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    @Robert Klimek Unfortunately, Line-item subsets and Time lists cannot be removed from an Export. 


    Indeed, if you have Time and line-item subset in rows section of an export action, there is no option to remove the labels in the "Labels" tab, the lists are in the Rows section :(


    In the below example there are in row section a normal list, a line-item subset and Time list. Only for the normal list appear the possibility to remove the label. 


    For the future, this can be addressed by adding an exchanged idea. 





    The only way I can see to achieve this is to create a "normal" list with the same elements from the Line-item subset or Time list, duplicate the module and then create the export using the duplicated module.

    You will need some additional actions and duplicate cells of the module that you want to export....but it's doable and the actions can be grouped in a process to be launched together with the export action.  :)



    Hope it helps




  • @Robert Klimek 

    Hope I understand your question. Here's an idea. Create a Summary line item that adds the LIS items together then create a saved view that only uses the summary line item.

    I think because the LIS is essentially line items converted to a list anaplan treats them as line items in the report.

    Hope that helps.

    Example, create the line item that contains the summary you want here, then add it to your LIS.



  • Hi Jared, 

    thank for your quick response. I will give you a few screenshot to highlight what about is the case.







    When I create an export - with Tabular mutliple Column, I need to get rid off the column LIS Export visble in export file the rest shoudl be as is now. I can remove from Labels Name only.