L2 3.4.3 Create Country Summary Module and 3.4.4: Create Stock Exceptions Review UX Page


I have followed all instructions, but think there is a mistake on my INV02 Safety Stock Flag Count Line Item as it is not populating so I cannot check the conditional formatting on the UX page.



Safety Stock Flag Count: 'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Safety Stock Exception Count[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Country Made In]


I am not getting any error messages with the formula above. I just want a second set of eyes because conditional formatting on my UX page is not showing as INV02 all says 0s.


  • @pjc95 

    Your formula is perfect! Congratulations on that. One idea that might help determine if you've got a problem downstream is to move the context selector all the way to FY21. If they are still all zeroes then we'll need to dig a little deeper into where the breakdown is. Otherwise, you're probably good!



  • pjc95
    I pivoted my module to match yours and moved to FY21 and it is still 0s.

    I have completed this activity and checked my formulas. I moved the context selector all the way to FY21, i can see the numbers but they are higher than your numbers. I checked everything but cannot find the reason for such high numbers. Can you give me any hint, I am not sure what i am missing:


    The formula i sued for SYS08 SKU Details for " Country Made In" is 'SYS07 Distribution Center Details'.Country[LOOKUP: Supplied By]. I even checked again the formula in IN01 for the "Safety Stock Exception Count" and it looks okay (IF Ending Inventory < Safety Stock Target THEN 1 ELSE 0).

    Not sure what else i need to check or review.

  • Hii would explore the formula again, as another SUM is required; sum by product family of each sku


    ie 2 SUM functions 


    This relates to the dimensions used in the model.








    Hi Ravinder,


    My formula has now 2 Sum but i still get the same results:




  • Hi 


    I would explore your inv01 module and your stock exceptions formula and summary setting. This may need debugging.


    Also sku08 module references to country made in and product family. Screen shots will help here 


    Thank you





    Thank you very much Ravinder for your reply! I am attaching a print screen for Grid View and Blueprint for both INV01 and SYS8. Please let me know if anything else is required.

  • Hi


    Your formulas looks OK, and your INV01 and 02 appears OK, but my numbers are lower in INV02. 


    This could be an issue with data imports in relevant modules and your data hub - I would check this.


    What is your summary setting in INV02; when you change it to SUM:Closing Balance you should get numbers like mine.

    Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 08.27.57.png


    Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 08.33.13.png

  • Hi Ravinder,


    yes indeed, when i change the Summary setting in INV02, my numbers much exactly like yours for both FYs:



    Could you please guide me how to check data imports in relevant modules my data hub? In Sprint 2, i used Action for import and i did not get any error, all imports were successfully completed.

  • Hi

    I would looks at the views created in the data hub and synch with the data in the supply chain model; especially process 9 which refers to 3 actions. As long as the data matches; this is OK. You could run the actions again just in case.