Stuck on model 1 exam activity for question 3




I am on the exam but noticed my DATA02 SKU Volume only populates for January alone. Every other months do not populate.


I have tried tracing back my steps but still no positive result.


I have checked if someone else had the same problem within the community but no help still.


Screenshot below




Plese a



  • @Adejimi 

    Pretty sure this is a mapping issue. Make sure your mapping is set up correctly. Hint: Double check your time dimension mapping. Remember, any time you import data that is using a date, like 1/1/2019, even if it's meant to be a month, you have to treat the format as a date, so you need to use a M-D-Y format. Hope that helps!

  • Adejimi

    Hi Jared,


    Thanks for the quick reply.


    Your suggestion worked.


    I had to use a custom date format and it did the magic


    Thanks once again

  • @Adejimi 

    Terrific. Good luck with the exam! And, don't forget to mark this question solved so others that have the same challenge can find it.