error in the commentary section of NUX


Hi Community,

I got this error on the NUX from the client side and it is not quite clear what is the meaning of this message. I hope you can provide some insights on the matter.



Under Incremental NOI with the line item L2 Final Commentary the user is doing a copy and paste a comment drafted in PPT and then pasting it in the line item above.


In the source module L2 Final Commentary(text format) has a formula as below:


    ISNOTBLANK(Commentary) AND ITEM('LIS009 REP003 SBU NOI') = 'LIS009 REP003 SBU NOI'.Store GP impact due to change in Sales AND 'SYS003.1: L4 SBU Mapping'.EMEAA Countries?


    Commentary & " by " & 'Round(Text)' & "m" & " - Due to " & NAME(ITEM('LIS009 REP003 SBU NOI')) & ". " & 'L2 Additional Commentary (Staging)'



        ISNOTBLANK(Commentary) AND ITEM('LIS009 REP003 SBU NOI') = 'LIS009 REP003 SBU NOI'.Store GP impact due to change in Sales AND NOT 'SYS003.1: L4 SBU Mapping'.EMEAA Countries?


        Commentary & " by " & 'Round(Text)' & "m" & " - Due to " & NAME(ITEM('LIS009 REP003 SBU NOI')) & ". RB Growth of " & 'RB Growth % (text)' & ". " & 'L2 Additional Commentary (Staging)'





            Commentary & " by " & 'Round(Text)' & "m" & " -  Due to " & NAME(ITEM('LIS009 REP003 SBU NOI')) & ". " & 'L2 Additional Commentary (Staging)'





Is the user not satisfying the condition on the formula that is why the error above is showing up.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated.





  • @Jsdeloria21 : In Anaplan, a text line-item cannot contain TAB characters. When you copy/paste from PPT or any other source, it is possible that the copied text contains TAB characters and you will receive this kind of error.


    It is needed to delete all the TAB characters from the text, before paste it in Anaplan text line-item. 

    It's not so easy to find the TAB characters...


    A way to do it, is to paste the copied text in a text editor and show the TAB characters. Below an example using Notepad++.  The arrows are TAB characters: Then need to be cleaned or replaced with space characters before paste the text into Anaplan. 





    this is in Word how to spot TAB characters:





    Hope it helps