Forecast in foreign currency - do others do this?


We are beginning our initial Anaplan build now for forecast, and we're trying to determine the best way to dollarize our unit forecast in appropriate foreign currencies and then roll up to a USD forecast.  We're working with a business partner to implement, but our internal IT team is questioning if this is core Anaplan functionality or if we are forcing something not widely done.  Could others confirm if loading daily fx rates and doing these forecast valuations in Anaplan is something widely done?  Thanks!

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  • Hello @amybshore,


    This is something widely done. You could have a list with the currencies and then map this list with entities/countries. That way when you look at your forecast for each entity/country you can apply a correction based on another module -dimensioned by currency- where you will have the FX rates.


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  • Thanks!  But do you know if this is widely done within a Forecasting model directly?  We aren't launching the finance module, and we're trying to ensure that we aren't trying inappropriately to recreate a financial function in our Demand module.

  • Thanks -- but to confirm, is this widely done directly in the forecasting model?  We're trying to ensure we aren't trying to recreate a financial function in Demand (we aren't implementing the finance module)...thanks!

  • Hey @amybshore - short answer is yes this is frequently done in order to get an overall view of revenue impacts from Demand drivers/assumptions/scenarios. Demand and Revenue are so closely tied that it's uncommon to just have a Unit forecast without revenue, and in order to role up Demand Planning to a company-wide view, FX will come into the picture. Majority of clients will have FX conversion to USD (or reporting currency of choice), and the ability to flip reports between LC and Reporting currency. Hope this helps!