Level Conclusion - Inventory Ordering Saved View and Export




So can anyone tell me how significant this is please -


I've made the csv export here and it LOOKS the same as the comparison download, however on closer examination:

1. I have a number of Beginning Inventory figures in the year are different - is this of impact down the line?

2. Weirdly I have 7 products named slightly differently between the Comparison Version and the version using the P3 SKU listing, the difference is the "and" in the naming.


my CSV Export

CPX (Cashews and peanuts)_ENP050EN
CPX (Cashews and peanuts)_FRP050FR
CPX (Cashews and peanuts)_SPP050SP
CPX (Cashews and peanuts)_GEP050GE
CPX (Cashews and peanuts)_ITP050IT
CPX (Cashews and peanuts)_INP050IN
CPX (Cashews and peanuts)_JAP050JA


the Comparison

CPX (Cashews, peanuts)_ENP050EN
CPX (Cashews, peanuts)_FRP050FR
CPX (Cashews, peanuts)_SPP050SP
CPX (Cashews, peanuts)_GEP050GE
CPX (Cashews, peanuts)_ITP050IT
CPX (Cashews, peanuts)_INP050IN
CPX (Cashews, peanuts)_JAP050JA


I'm tempted to think this is down to old v new version, all the same is this significant?







  • @ChrisG532 

    You'll be fine, and you're right, this was changed over time among other things like TOKYO used to be spelled TOYKO. The important thing to remember here is that you have two primary keys for lists when using a standard list (not numbered). The name and the code. So when you create views that require you to use SKU, for instance, you should always opt for code. This will ensure you map to the right list item.

  • Thanks Jared, a good steer.