I am trying to create roles for Product Supply Manager. I am confused about Access Driver Modules :


AD01 P3  ---  Write

AD02 -- Read 

Are these correct?


Please help me.




  • @Markcol 


    AD01 P3 - There should be one "Write?" Line Item.  Hint: The end user should have write access if the "Override?" boolean is checked in "DEM03". 

    AD02 - You should have 3 Line Items for write access.  The 3 Line Items are; (1) Submit Purchase Order - Write?, (2) Override Shipping - Write?, and (3) Override Amount - Write?  Hint:  All 3 Line Items will be formulas referencing the INV01 module.  


    Hopefully this helps. 

  • Hi @R_Goza ,


    Thank you for your quick response. I have already created AD01 and AD02 modules before as you said.

    However, my question is about access permissions for Product Supply Manager.  

    AD01 --- Write

    AD02 --- Read 

    These permissions are correct?




  • @Markcol 


    Sorry - I misunderstood the question. AD01 and AD02 are just used as access drivers for DCA so you don't have grant read or write access.  You can leave access for those two modules as "None" and DCA will still work correctly. To test it you can leave access as "None" and change your role to the "Product Supply Manager".  You'll see that DCA still works as expected.  If you are ever unsure on read/write access for a role you can always change your role and test it.  It's a good way to make sure things are working as you'd expect.  

  • Thank you so much...