L1MB 13.6.3


After I completed the lesson my answer doesn't match the screenshot. My margin summary starts at Jul 21 when the screenshot starts at Jan 20. I used forecast periods as the filter. I went back to the REV03 module and I still can't find the issue. Can anyone help?



  • @shanoya 

    This could be caused by a number of reasons. Let's start with the easiest and work our way to the more complicated.

    1. Check your filter in SYS00 and make sure "Forecast Period?" is working correctly. See screenshot
    2. Check the formula for "Forecast Period" and make sure it's starting on January 2020. See screenshot
    3. If these all check out then you may have to double check your calendar. Make sure its set for FY2020 and the current period is Jan 20. Warning! If you change this calendar it will affect all the modules that use it and you may have to reload some of them.








  • shanoya

    I followed the steps you stated and I am still having the same issue. I attached some screenshots from my model.

  • @shanoya 

    On your saved view in the module (not UX) hover over the columns until you see a blue dropdown. Select the dropdown and then click on show all columns. I'm wondering if you might have accidentally filtered on certain months. If that works, don't forget to re-save the view so it shows up in your UX board.