How to achieve Different Granularity in a line item based on the version?


Dear experts,


We have a requirement to have to different granularity of data in a same line item based on the version selection.


Detailed explanation:

The line item has following granularity of data:


Version  = Actual; then the granularity becomes Potline  (Parent of Potline Group, This data comes from Data Hub).

Version = Forecast/Budget; then the granularity of data becomes Potline Group(lowest level).


Can you plz suggest what can be a possible configuration to achieve this functionality of two different granularity?


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Umesh Jethwani



  • Hello @UmeshJethwani ,


    WIthout having more details you could do the following:


    1. Get data for both versions at Potline level in Module 1.
    2. Disaggregate it into Potline group for the forecast in Module 2.


    In order to do the disaggregation you need to have a module with Potline Group and the % that each item represents with regards to the parent (i.e., % of historical sales by each of the Potline Groups within a Potline)


    Hope that helps!

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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @UmeshJethwani : Usually Actuals would have more detail granularity than Budget.. it seems that your case is the other way around :)


    If you really want to have Actual and Budget in the same module, a way to solve it is to create in the Potline list a dummy Potline Group per every Potline by adding a suffix like PotlineX_Act  (similar to the below). 



        Potline1_Act  ( used for Actuals)

        Potline1_G1  (used for Bugdet)

         Potline1_G2 (used for Budget)



    You can compare Actuals with Budget only from upper level and above ( from Potline1). 


    You could achieve the same also by selecting for every Potline 1 element "main" to be used to store Actuals. This will avoid to create dummy elements in Potline list (similar to below):


    In a system module associate to Potline1 the group Potline1_G1 to be used for Actuals.



        Potline1_G1  (used for Actuals and Bugdet)

         Potline1_G2 (used for Budget)



    Hope it helps