Export data using Cloudworks



Is there a way i can use CloudWorks to export data without using the connector? I cannot select the Target folder where i want to save the extracted file.





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  • alexpavel
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    @tompatrick.ting  Cloudworks is not the tool to be used to export automatically data from Anaplan on a shared local folder. 


    The reason is that the export action is triggered on Anaplan Cloud servers and Anaplan does not have access on your local shared folders. 


    You need to use some ETL tools that support REST API calls or Anaplan Connect or you can write custom REST API scripts to trigger export actions and download files on local folders. 


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  • @tompatrick.ting Not sure what would you like to achieve. 


    Anaplan needs to know where is the target to place the export files and this is why it is needed a connection to AWS or Azure. 


    Currently, for import from file/export actions, the source/target can be placed only from/into AWS or Azure. 


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  • Hi @alexpavel  - is there an option that i can skip the AWS or Azure? I want to automate the data extraction and be able to save the csv file to a sharedfolder.