3.4.4 Activity: Create Stock Exceptions Review UX Page - Cannot Apply Conditional Formatting


Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help!


I am trying to apply conditional formatting to 3.4.4 Activity: Create Stock Exceptions Review UX Page. I believe I have built the grids correctly, but this may be the problem. I used custom views from Module INV02 for the Country and Product Family grids. I used a custom view from INV01 for the SKU grid.


I saw another post on here where it was advised to use Custom Views, but it looks like I may need to used saved views instead and this may be my entire problem. It looks like this may be the entire problem? If that is the case, can anyone advise on why Saved Views are preferable over Custom Views here?


When I try to apply conditional formatting back on the custom views it is not giving me an option to be able to select Color Range and the Apply button is greyed out. (Pictures 3, 4, 5)


After seeing this, I also went back to try to apply conditional modeling to the module to see if that would work. The formatting shows up on the module, but does not show up on the grid still.


Thanks again for any help! 


  • Hello @NickUrbanski ,


    I believe that the problem that you are experiecing is because you have not chosen any colours to be applied with the conditional formatting. If you were to click in the icons by the conditional formatting numbers - please check the figure below - you should be able to apply it correctly.



    Lastly, as a general advice, I would recommend using another line item as a driver for the conditional formatting. For instance, if the value being formatting is >0 make 1 else 0. That way you would have a well defined condition. ]


    Hope that helped!



    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Thank you Bruno, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply! I will definitely follow your advice on making a line item for conditional formatting!