Level 1 - 9.2.5 Activity: Add Formulas to Price Growth Rates Staging Module


After adding the formula for the Unit Price% and Unit Cost%

When the activity asked to enter 5.0% for the FY19 Unit Cost%.

It also populates the FY2O and FY21 at 5.0% too. 

Also, how do you enter the 5% in the cell .05?

How can I fix this?







    Data in FY20 and FY21 is also populating because you have entered 0.05 in the formula bar of unit cost% line item. Doing this populates each cell of that line item with the value entered in the formula bar.

    To populate just FY19, first clear the formula bar and then click on FY19 cell of unit cost% and enter 5 there, in this way it will only populate FY19 cell only.

    And, to enter 5% in the cell, you just have to write 5.

    Hope this helps,



  • Hi Rishabh01,


    Appreciate your assistance and time.


    Though, the reason why I typed .05 because when I type 5 in the cell it goes to 500%.




  • Hey @DJSISON 

    When you enter the numeric value in the formula bar it converts it to the %, hence 5 become 500%, but when you enter the values in the individual cells it keeps it as % so if you enter 5 in a particular cell it will accept it as 5%.

    Try doing it yourself.

    NOTE: You want 5% in FY19 cell only, but you are entering the value in the formula bar, instead enter the value in the cell under FY19 of unit cost% line item.



  • Hi rishabh01,

    Once again, Thank you.

    It doesn't let me enter the numeric item in the cell.
    Is there anything I have to fix in Grid view ?

    Make sure your context selectors are at the lowest level. That will allow you to change the value.




    I'm doing the activity but I entered 5% and the model calculate 60% 

    Can anyone please tell me how to fix it?






    I'm doing the activity but I entered 5% and the model calculate 60% 

    Can anyone please tell me how to fix it?



  • @fabianmp 


    Do you have summary setting for these line items? They should be set to none.


    You also have subsidery views for these items on (small grid icons in image in each line items). These do not have any subsidery views enabled. You probably have dimenions for each line item that are different to the module. 

    Please check.

    There should be no subsidery views for this module.


    Thank You



  • It works,

    thanks Ravinder. 


    I had the summary for each line and the grids were because the time scale for each line were different from the module.


    Thanks for your help.