13.6.3 Grid Card - Missing FY21


I am having a hard time getting the results, displayed in the training module screenshot. 

I did all the steps and was all to publish the grid card but it is missing the FY21 months/data. FY 20 is present but for some reason the FY21 data is not displayed. When I checked the forecast period view I saved I see

that FY21 is included. I am not sure why it is not coming up in the grid card results.


If anyone is able to point me in the right direction, that would be amazing!  Thank you!


*EDIT: I was uploading from the wrong model! I got it now*

Thank you!



  • Hey @Raegyi 

    Can you show me the context of the card configuration and also the filters(if any) you have applied to the view?




  • It doesn't let me enter the numeric item in the cell.
    Is there anything I have to fix in Grid view ?

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  • Hey @Smith898 

    I don't know if your question is related to the question posted by @Raegyi .

    But in general, if you want to enter the values in gird view, make sure "allow editing" is turned on in the grid section of card configuration.