Create saved view for country margin but the problem is now I have notice that REV01, 02, & 03 Modules don't have any data for FY21 so the model don't look the same when I check my work, any suggestions?


  • Hello @wsmith0721 ,


    Without further information it is a bit complicated to pinpoint the problem, but it looks like your data is correct for the other 2 years.


    Would you say that you added FY21 at a later stage, once all the imports were done, or that you have used timeranges in the previous modules excluding FY21? This is really easy to check, go to DATA02 and REV02 and check whether they have information for FY21.


    If they do not have information for FY21, just go to the action tab and re-run all the imports that feed the modules where you are missing the data.


    Hope that helped!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Thank you, the actions tab was helpful because when I tried to rerun the import it says the file is no longer available. Not sure what's happening to them and why I'm having to go back to import again.