Change Source of a Model from Data Hub Dev to Data Hub Prod


Hi All, 

I am working in a User Story of a Dev Model to change the sources of data from Data Hub Dev to Data Hub Prod.

The model In Dev I am working by now has already around 70 actions that are pointing different views of Data Hub Dev as a source of data.

In my analysis I found that one way to do the change is:

  1. Go to the Actions – Import Data Sources Tab
  2. Select one specific Action and click on EDIT
  3. Change the source from Data Hub Dev to Data Hub Prod founding and doing click on the right view.
  4. Click on Apply
  5. Finally this process should be done for any of the 70 Actions individually.

My questions are:

Is there any massive option to do the replacement in all the actions instead of editing one by one?

Any other possible concern or recommendation to consider?


Best Answer


  • Thanks Ankit for the recommendation. The mapping process worked smoothly avoiding to do the change on each action.