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In my filter, why i can't select the current page in my FMS User List?


My FMS User list is a list user i created and activated the selective access.








  • Hello Tom,


    If I understood it correctly, you have created a new user list - beyond the native user list- and given selective access within the list, which means that you can only see those emails that you have selective access to. I guess it would be only yourself? As such, you are the default view.


    Hope that helped!

  • Hi @BrunoRodriguez ,


    Yes, i can only see my email, the problem is when another user tries to access the dashboard and view the report, the filter is fixed to my email. The filter is not applying based on their email.




  • Hello @tompatrick.ting ,


    Is there any reason to avoid using the User native list? One quick solution could be using the native and hiding the option to change user in the dashboard. This would pick up each user automatically.


    Would that be feasible?


    Kind regards,


  • Hi @BrunoRodriguez -  i want to optimize the use of space, not all my users will be using the dashboard.




  • Hello @tompatrick.ting,


    It does make sense.


    I have reproduced your issue and I can select the Current Page with a filter in the same module.


    Could it be that your first filter in CAL.03 is somehow forcing it to see only your results?



  • @tompatrick.ting Can you confirm that your FMS User list is on pages in your pivot? Based on the tabs available in the filter screen, it doesn't appear that it is.

  • Hi @ryan_kohn - No, FMS users is not included in my Report module. I think this is the issue, i changed my FMS Users to Native Users. Everything is working now but eats space that i think could be avoided if i use a List users.




  • You don't specifically need to use the native Users list to get this working, but you would need to add the FMS User list as a page selector to your module to use the Current Page filter functionality. If the module you want to filter is an output module (i.e. no data entry), then all you actually need to do is add the FMS Users list to the module at the top level, and you can set subsidiary views for the remainder of the line items.

  • Thanks @ryan_kohn - that works ! Thank you very much for your help.