What is the major difference between Anaplan connect and actions


I want to know the main difference between using of anaplan connect and actions.


What is different between production list and production data.


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    Basically every time you make an import, export, delete or others, you create an action that you can add to processes. Anaplan connect allows you to automate the execution of each of this actions without having to physically access a dashboard or the model. Additionally, if you also synchronise it with Microsoft Scheduler you could have a model that gets automatically updated with the timeframe desired.


    A bit more information about Anaplan Connect here: 

    With regards to your second question, any data connected with production lists is production data. Please use the links below for a bit more information:



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    What is the major difference between Anaplan connect and actions

    Anaplan Connect  API client is a command-line interface. Which means if you have to automate a file import or export you will install this JAVA utility, write batch scripts to perform the import/export of files. 

    Whereas the actions are the actual import or export of file that you perform. Actions can be run by non-workspace administrators when you publish them on the UX.

    You can run an action or process using the Anaplan Connect in an automated way. Say daily inventory levels should be imported into model at midnight. You will use Connect to run the inventory load import (action) for the new file which the ERP system would have placed in a predefined folder at EOD. 


    What is different between production list and production data?

    Think of a Marketing Program which will be run by a company in Q4. As you expect the end user( the marketing team) to add it on the go you will define the Marketing Program list as production list. 

    The cell data say the Date of Marketing Program, or the Place where this will be run becomes the production data. 

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