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I have a UX grid, which has a couple of dimensions. Depending on what selections they make using the selectors the grid can show rows with zeros in all columns. How can I automatically hide rows with zeros? I don't think I can link to a boolean with a formula like 'Show = Actuals <> 0' because the selection can change (if they choose Budget not actuals then the Show formula would be wrong).


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  • MarkWarren
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    Yes and I apologise for not reading the question properly, and for telling you what you already know!
    Unfortunately it doesn't have a current context on the line item when used as a page selector, we're missing a trick there!

    You will need to create a line item subset containing the line items you want to filter on, Actual, Budget...
    Then a second module with a single line item to do a COLLECT on.
    Then you can have the LISS as the page selector and filter on the collect value.
    I can knock up a demo and do screenshots if you want?


  • Hello @GeorgeDuckett ,


    Rather than creating a Line Item to drive the filter, you could create a filter in the UX and apply it to the line item. The logic to use would be that the line item is not equal to 0. This will hide the data regardless of the rest of dimensions.


    Hope that helped!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hi @BrunoRodriguez ,

    Thanks. I don't think I can do that as I have my line items as a selector and one of the dimensions as the rows.

  • @GeorgeDuckett Would you be able to share a screenshot?

  • GeorgeDuckett_0-1658384058760.png

    @ryan_kohn Here 'Budget' is a line item, the others are dimensions.

  • That looks like a list as time correct?
    If you were using actual Time dimension you could filter on the year-to-date total, if its a list dimension you would need a top level so that you have a column that represents all the data in the row.

  • @MarkWarren Thanks. It's a custom dimension, so would be filtering on the top level, but my issue is that requires a line item to be chosen doesn't it? I'd want the line item to vary depending on the selection made in the selector.



  • No worries, yeah seems like an oversight. I understand re the line item subset etc, thanks.

  • I had the same issue with Sorting feature when line items are page selectors. I raised a bug in Anaplan Support.

    Hope it's gonna be resolved soon.

    @MarkWarrenabout using LISS is a good advise. But what do you think we should do if the module already has one LISS as a dimension? Create an additional list and map to it? Too much for simple filtering and sorting workaround, isn't it?

  • The line item you filter with would only apply to 1 LISS, so I'm not sure how a second LISS would come in to play. Does sound like we're trying to complicate things!