Activity Create Inventory Ordering Module - 0 as shipping time




I am having issues with getting the correct values for Shipping Time Weeks in INV01 Inventory ordering model. The formula used for this is 'TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week'.'Shipping Time (Week)'[LOOKUP: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Product, LOOKUP: Shipping Method] and that should be correct I think. See below screenshot for the module.




I have checked and I have imported data to DAT02 Shipping Metrings correctly (value should be 2)


The TRA01 Shipping Metrics by Week looks like this with the formula YEARVALUE('DAT02 Shipping Metrics'.'Shipping Time (Weeks)') due to the timescale being different. Do I need to consider this when going from TRA01 to the INV2 module (where weeks is the time scale)? What could be causing the 0 values?





  • Hi @hannaaberg 


    You're thinking right. I would recommend adding a LOOKUP in the formula for year as well since Anaplan doesn't automatically pick the year basis the weeks and your source module has year as one of the dimension (You'd have a system module for week where you have years for each week, use that maybe?)

  • Hi, Thanks but I think I need more guidance on this. From what I have seen in the forum everyone is using the same formula as me, without lookup for year so my guess is that this is not what is causing this. But I agree that it seems like there could have something to do with taking values from Year to Week?


    Below screenshot is for the Time System modules for week, i.e. not any value for year. I don't think that I should be able to understand that I should create new line items in the systems module to be able to solve this in a Module Builder 2 course.


    Do you have any other ideas of what is behind this?



  • Ah! My bad. I did not see the dimensionality of your TRA01. It says Shipping Metrics by Week so i think you need to change the time dimension from year to week and then everything should flow perfectly.


    You see, by having TRA01 at week level, you wouldn't need any LOOKUP (which isn't the best way here anyhow)