Data selection and dynamic grid update


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I'm actually building one of my UX pages and I'd like to know how to dynamically update one of my grids.

To be more precise, I have two grids, a small one which is a summary of different info and another one which corresponds to a detail of the items listed in the first one and that holds a lot of information. (see picture)



My issue is that I'd like to see only the row (on the left grid) of the item selected on the right grid (or on the context selector appears), like we can have with graphs for example but I can't figure out how to do this. Do you have any suggestions?


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  • luke_e

    If I'm understanding your query correctly (and assuming your rows are a list), I think your solution is to,


    - pivot the row of your left grid into the page/context selectors section, then

    - ensure you've setup that grids card context setting to sync on selection


    This however means that only one item will ever show up on that left grid.

  • Hello @luke_e !


    Thank you for your answer, yes exactly I found the solution just after posting my request, guess I was just complicating things 😅