Help with Level 3 MB Sprint 1 Activity 8.4


I'll be kind of vague, but I was validating my work as instructed in the training while doing a build portion. The screenshot I'm validating up against has countries in rows and segment in columns (39 cells). It looks like everything I've built matches up except for two cells specifically in the same country (Mexico) and was concerned that there was some sort of mistake or wrong data given in the earlier parts of the training/build that caused this discrepancy. (Meaning 37 of calculated cells that have gone through a few different modules came out exactly as the screenshot, but the remaining 2 in under Mexico did not).


From what I can tell, everything else is calculating through exactly as shown in the validation screenshots, so the logic is all correct.


I'm worried this is going to affect later parts of the build and the final exam that has to be taken for L3MB. I also wasn't sure if this was a known issue as I didn't see any discussion about it anywhere else.




  • @SamuelLowVA 


    Can you send me a screen shot of the module you are on and a screen shot of the activity also - this will hep me analyse better.

    Thank you