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Is it possible to trigger automated mails/notifications from Anaplan to users based on project stages. 

So if a particular Project X has moved from stage 1 to stage 2, there should be a mail that needs to be sent out to the manager managing the project X. 

Is the above possible, currently I have followed a manual process, where user who moves the project from stage 1 to stage 2 has a 'MAILTO' option that notifies the manager, can this process be automated without the user sending the mail ?

Can this be achieved using workflow ? If so can someone please explain how ? Because workflow are linked to a list (Stage list) not the module which defines which stage is linked to which project and the respective manager of the project



  • Misbah



    I don't think we have any native feature in Anaplan that achieves that, however see if this helps




    Miz Logix

  • To @Misbah's point, there is no native capability today to "monitor" a particular data field for a change and send a notification to someone as a result.


    However, when the driver of the notification is a result of a manual change to data (like it is in your case), it usually fits well to leverage the Notify action in Anaplan to have a better user experience to sending someone a notification. Note that you can either have the recipient(s) hard-coded into the action definition, or even have the recipient be driven by module data. The notification that gets sent out can include a link to a specific page (with the correct page selectors) to make it easier for the recipient to take action immediately.

  • Hey thanks a ton for this, really an interesting feature, but can we publish this action or would it always be accessible via the three vertical dots on the top right corner > notification > Message ?
  • @Sachinsourav02 


    Yes , you can publish it on UX. All you have to do bring an "Action" card on to UX, go to Card Designer, go to Actions, Click on Create and you see Notifications here. Fill the necessary details and publish it.

    Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 14.04.11.png

    Hope that helps


    Miz Logix