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I have reached to this lesson and have been unable to import the csv file 'SKUs.csv) into SYS12 SKU Details module.


Can someone advise if I should have time series as the column in the SYS12 module and should I see Time as the target (which in my opinion, should not see Time as source)?  If they should not be here, how should this be corrected?

I take that Column 2: SKU should be mapped to SKU Flat, and the Column Headers should be mapped to the SYS12 SKU Details Line Items.

The exercise then asks us to put a formula for the code line item but is this not already been given in the csv import file?




1 4 3 2 Import Data and Add Formula Pic2.JPG

1 4 3 2 Import Data and Add Formula Pic1.jpg



  • Hi @KaF 


    I do not think time should be a dimension in this module, so you should get rid of it. Go to blueprint and make the highlighted column Not Applicable:



  • KaF

    Thanks Ankit!