Have a line item that does not apply to a dimension, not repeat itself


Hi guys,


I am wondering if there is a way to have line items that do not apply to a specific dimension, not repeat itself within a dimension. I have a list that has another module storing details about the list and then another module which has the time dimension look at revenue for specific accounts. I have pulled through the revenue data from another module but would like a few additional line items before the time dimension.


I have attached an image that should hopefully show what I am trying to achieve. as you can see the agency inf is repeated each month. I would like it to show before Jul and then have the monthly data appear afterwards






  • luke_e

    From my experience, this isn't an easy one to deal with. I would have suggested using a line item subset and having a filter in some way, but they only work with number type fields.


    The only solutions I'm aware of that don't require manually hiding the columns are,

    - using the NUX and the scroll-lock function with a non-time based grid on the left and the time-based grid on the right, or

    - using a non-time based grid and using line items to pickup the periods you want via LOOKUP (rather than native time), but this isn't particularly good in most cases.


    Alternatively, is the text string something you can include within the display name of the list item so that you don't need it in the grid as a line?

  • Agree with @luke_e here, looks like those should be a list dimension, which hopefully they are instead of using text

  • Hi Mark,


    Yes the Agency is a list dimension. But if I add it as a dimension to the module wouldn't that increase the number of cells by a factor of the number of Agencies in the list?

  • 1 approach is to simply remake that line item in a separate module with the desired dimensions. This will eliminate the subsidiary view and maintain better user experience. Regarding your question about list dimension - if you add it as a dimension to the module it would add that many number of cells. If you don't need it, consider storing the line item in a separate module. Here is a Planual principle related to this: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Chapter-2/2-01-06-Avoid-Using-Subsidiary-Views/ta-p/76835