How to add constant value to graph? OR UX Chart has multiple data sources?


I am trying to build out a UX dashboard for a module that contains a list of products and imported data that shows how much resources each product uses(the resources is defined by one single number per month). In another module I have a specific line item that contains our total max resources (number). I am trying to create a UX chart that has all the data from module 1 but I want to impose the single line item data from module 2 that shows the resource capacity. So basically I am trying to create a graph that combines the data from two modules Is this possible at all?


  • Hi @davargas 

    No, you cannot connect multiple modules but you can achive the desired by creating additional line item in the source module of the graph.

  • Hey @KirillKuznetsov, thank you for your response. Creating an additional line item still doesn't do the trick for me but I thought of another solution that could work, so long as it exists lol. The source model for the UX page I am building (D03) is dimensioned by Pages: Locations, Resources Groups, Teams, and Version. Columns: Time. Rows: Product Names, and one line item "Slots" which are our resources. In the Product Names list, there are items called CAPACITY that are empty. I was thinking a solution that could work for my case would be to write a formula for "Slots" that essentially does an IF ELSE THEN statement, but the boolean would check the names for each item in Product Names list. I am trying to accomplish something like this:

    IF NAME('CAPACITY') THEN 'D02 Planned Capacity'.Corrected Capacity ELSE 'D01 Slot Forecast'.Slots
    I feel I am either fairly close or completely far off. Thank you for your help!
  • @davargas Per @KirillKuznetsov's this should be solvable by adding another line item to Module 1 that points to your max capacity from Module 2. Here's an example that I mocked up.




    Blueprint for the data module:



    Let us know if this approach doesn't work for you.



  • Hey @ryan_kohn Thank you for the response. I ended up figuring it out a different way. However, I am stuck on another problem if you would like to give input. See for reference

  • @davargas Glad you figured out a solution! Would be great if you could share your solution here so we can all learn from it!

  • @ryan_kohn 

    thanks for your contribution! I didn't have a chance to implement the example.

    @davargasPlease share your solution, very curious!