In Case You Missed It: Spotlight Event, Transitioning from Classic to UX

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Last week I sat down with Taylor Rogers@taylor_rogers Certified Master Anaplanner & Merchandise Systems Model Builder at Stitch Fix, and Andy Martin, @andrew_martin_1 Director, Operational Excellence Organization at Anaplan, for a fun and informative session focusing on the migration from Classic to UX.


Taylor shared with us the Anaplan use cases that have been transitioned, the business processes they address and the circumstances that led to the migration from Classic to UX. She shared examples of before and after, as well as the challenges and ultimately- the benefits of migrating to the UX.

With almost 200 attendees joining us on the live event - we had a chance to answer many questions. But I'm sure there are more! Feel free to leave questions in the comments for both Taylor and Andy. And of course, let us know what you enjoyed and want to see more of!


  • Beauram

    What a great event! I loved Taylor's recommendation to "just do it!"! 

  • Great event, thanks for putting this together! Was really cool to see the live demos of the lifts that Taylor has executed from Classic to the UX. Very helpful!

  • Terrific event @DennisL 

    Thank you so much @taylor_rogers and @andrew_martin_1 for hosting this event and, of course, @DennisL for your most awesome facilitation and MC prowess. 

    Highly recommend this to anyone interested in seeing a company's Anaplan journey through the eyes of a master anaplanner working for StitchFix.

  • Truly great work!  Will be exited to hear a part 2 where Taylor fills us in on the journey to incorporate management reporting pages.  


    Thanks for sharing the insights!