PLEASE HELP! Level 2 Conclusion


I am stuck on the pivots and exports needed for INV05, DEM04, and INV01. I have been at it all day and feel like I have tried every combination, but when I try to import, I am getting errors or failure.


INV01 Export View.png


DEM04 Export view.png


INV05 Export View.png



  • @pjc95 

    Hang in there. All that time is well spent - good investment as it will sharpen your data integration skills which is one of the most important skills to have as a modeler. Start by creating the view you want. As a suggestion, try to remove all the aggregate values so you only have the grain of the data. We do this to avoid ignores and errors. You'll need to use filters for this. For example, INV05 we only need Shipping Costs but we have 3 lists to contend with: Location and time. But we need the location code as well. So here's one way you can create that view:



  • pjc95
    As it goes, I think I figured it out as I tried one more time after posting. I think I got it all and my imports worked on the FP&A Model.
  • Nicely handled @pjc95