Error on activity


Hi Team, 


I keep getting error, Will like you to point me in the right direction.





I have followed a few suggestions in the community as regards manually populating the list. yet no result.


Kindly assist


  • @Adejimi 

    Double check your view in SYS06. Make sure it looks like this and you are including the code. In your target model make sure the list has been built as well to support the mapping.



  • Adejimi

    I think that may be the problem.





    My SYS06 is empty.



    Please assist.


    There is a drop down to put the region or do I populate both cells Manually?



  • @Adejimi 

    Use the view I just showed you to build the country list, then SYS05 will be populated. You have all three values you need. The country name, the country code, and the region (parent). 

  • Adejimi

    Hi Jared,


    I got this error after building the list.




  • @Adejimi 

    The error says there are no values in your view. Can you double check your saved view in the data hub and make sure it contains the three columns I shared with you earlier?

  • Adejimi

    Hi Jared,


    i have matched them 




    but i still get errors such as these



    Please asisst



  • Hi


    The module sys06 should look like this . May sure the code line item refers to the Country Flat list. You are importing the regions from the country file.

    I would also check you have created your flat lists correctly e.g. region flat, country flat, location flat.

    Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 07.33.50.png


    Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 07.35.51.png


    Screenshot 2022-07-27 at 07.36.12.png