Can we hide or remove the Display Text when input a Link in Anaplan?


I have a line item "Document Link" and its format is Text (Link), then when I publish it in dashboard user can input URL in it. But when you click to input link you have option to input "Display Text" at the same time. But if it is not blank, it will impact the value of other line items which refer to "Document Link". How can I remove or hide the "Display Text" ?

I have another line item "Document Link Starting" and below is the formula. I want to trim part of the "Document Link" but if the "Display Text" is not blank it will lead wrong value of  "Document Link Starting".



IF LEFT(Document Link, 5) = NAME('#L8 - PR Document Links Starting'.https) THEN MID(Document Link, 9, 40) ELSE MID(Document Link, 8, 40)

The value user input in dashboard, and as result the value of "Document Link Starting" is "ttp://NA". If remove the "test" the correct value is "NA" which is I need.

So I wonder if Anaplan can support user to hide the Display Text.

Thanks for any help in advance!




  • Hi @CommunityMember131816 


    You cannot get the Display Text to go away. The best you can do is ask people not to enter anything. 

    Or you can try to preprocess the text. Say this is where we start:


    If you look at it as just text, it is formatted as [Display Text]Link. So if we FIND "]", we should be able to trim out the Display text and then use that line further. 

    We can do this:



    Here is the blueprint:



  • Check out the MAKELINK() function. You can use this function to collect the URL and/or display text in separate line items and then use a formula to generate the final link.

  • @ankit_cheeni 

    I tried your solution and it works well. Thank you!

  • Perfect! Can you close this conversation by marking my comment as the solution, thanks!