How to set Alerts in UX page, based on the values of a chart


I have a chart which I displayed on a UX page on an App. 

On the chart, there are 2 series corresponding to 2 different line items of a module. 

I would like to display an alert on the UX page screen when the value of the line item 1 is bigger than the line item 2. How can I do so? Because the only way I can make an alert on an App seems to be by using an Action card and set up a notification. 
But I don't have any emails to send notifications to, and I would like the alert to be displayed on the screen of the App, not by email. 


Thanks !! 


  • @vanessahan 

    You can make alerts on the board as a KPI card or as an Image card. KPI can show you written text or value and Image can have any information you want ("!" yellow triangle or any text saved as picture) and based on conditions you you can display those alerts.

  • Hi @vanessahan  

    This is where Anaplan lets you be extremely creative.

    1. If you do not want to go fancy, have a formulaic text field that gives you the Alert when LI1>LI2, else it is blank. You can do conditional formatting or have the text colored as per your choice
    2. Use a KPI card - works similar to point 1
    3. The best is using images. You can have the image show up when your condition is true. I like  @KirillKuznetsov's idea. Brilliant! 


    Long story short, this is where you get to be creative.