Supplied by line item SYS08


Hello, in Level 2 print 3, for the country summary report there is a reference to a line item Supplied by which is supposed to be in Sys08.

Maybe did I missed something in my previous sprints but it was not part of SKU upload file and if it is suppoed to be a formula I don't know how to build it (where should the data come from).

If anyone could give me hints with it it would be great.



  • I think you are looking for a Level 2 Model Building Section 7 - i.e. Level 2 - into SYS08 SKU Details module.
    Mark it as solved if that's what you are looking for. 

    All the best.

  • KayO
    edited February 2023

    I reckon SPelot meant Level 2 Sprint 3, 3.5.3 Activity: Create Distribution Center Summary Module,

    and I have the same situation.

    There is no Supplied by line item in SYS08, and I don't think I missed it.

    Is it the same line item as Country Made in? or do I need to add the Supplied by?