Difference between custom view and saved view




Could anyone please tell me Difference between custom view and saved view.

While designing UX which should we have to prefer.


Thank you.



  • Hey @SupriyaH 

    Custom views are the default views of a module while the saved view are one which are different from custom in ways that, they present data with a different perspective.

    for eg, there may be some filter conditions applied to the module, some of the line items may be hidden or shown. Saved views are created to present a subset of the whole data.

    While designing UX pages, best practice is to use custom views as they are more flexible to change in future. You can make changes to custom views in UX page but it is not possible for a saved view.



  • @SupriyaH The main difference between the custom view and saved view is the place where they are managed:

    - Saved views are created by model builder in the model experience and in UX page is it just published. You need to have workspace admin role in order to modify a Saved View. 


    - Custom view is created directly in UX page and is managed by the page builder. No need to be necessarily a workspace admin. 


    A big limitation of the Saved Views is that you cannot use all the functionalities of a Custom View. For example, you cannot use formatting functionalities for a Saved View. 


    Because of these limitations, this is why the best practice is to use Custom Views directly in UX designing, in order to have the full functionalities of the UX capabilities. 


    I personally was using Saved Views only in cases when the layout of a page was not possible to be built in Custom View directly in UX ( for example unbalanced layouts or hiding line-items when they were in page). 


    With latest developments of the UX, these possibilities are now available also in UX and now I cannot find a really valid reason why you should use Saved View instead of Custom View. 


    The only big gap I can notice now is the tracking of who modified the layout of the UX page.


    The Saved Views modifications are traced in the history log of the model and it is possible to revert the model in order to see what was the Saved View layout at some point in time, while the modifications of the UX pages are not traced. It is possible to trace only the latest update and published date of the UX page. 

    Maybe Anaplan will address this into the future :)


    Hope it helps