Applying "transparent" conditional formatting in the UX


When we apply conditional formatting to a grid in the UX, there is no option to set a transparent color. However, with some creative use of specific color codes, we can simulate the transparent effect.

I will focus on two specific cases below: editable cells and read-only cells. Both of these cases follow the same approach of picking the correct color for your default cells by leveraging the UX ability to manually enter a hex code for your color.

Transparent conditional formatting for editable cells

Setting a transparent conditional formatting background for editable cells is fairly intuitive. Editable cells in Anaplan will always have a white background, so you can pick the preset option for white in your color picker. Alternatively, you can manually enter a custom hex code of #FFFFFF.






Transparent conditional formatting for read-only cells

Setting a transparent conditional format background for read-only cells is actually equally as simple! You just need to know the hex color code for read-only cells in Anaplan, which is #F7F9FD.







Feel free to post a comment below with any questions, comments, or suggestions!



  • @ryan_kohn - what a workaround - I love it 

  • This works well until you use the striped function under row style, which our customers like to view a row of data. Can Anaplan not make the transparent option for conditional formatting?

  • AntoineHM

    if you add a condition equal to NaN, no color will be applied when color coding will be equal to NaN.

    How I do :

    1. Create a line item in seting module called NaN
    2. NaN is setup as a number: formula - value(blank)
    3. I use this line item in the conditional formatting line item