Time Filter


I would like to filter the module to only show items (daily) for the current month period. Any suggestions on the best way to achieve this? My current Time setup is: Calendar Type: Calendar Months/Quarters/Years The time scale of the module is set to Days.



  • You can't limit the module to contain only data for the current month - not at the moment anyway, because time subsets are still not available. But you can filter the view so that only the current month is displayed.

    If that's what you want to do then you should add a boolean line item called Current Month? with the formula
    and then add a filter where Current Month? = TRUE. You can then save that view on a dashboard or whatever.

    This approach uses the current month as defined under Time Settings. Unfortunately there's no way to pick up today's date from the server; you need to manually update the current period for this to work.
  • Hi You can have few line items
    1) 1st Line Item: Date or Month number
    2) 2nd Line Item: use parent function or Month function and derive the month
    3) 3rd Line Item: Boolean formatted, if current month is same as second line item then true else false
    4) Filter the module based on the 3rd line item
    5) Use the other line items to complete your module

    May be you can optimize it further but the main catch would be filter by the boolean formatted line item.