Create Build SKU Saved View (Product column)

Hi, for the following activity, I should have product names shown in the "Product" column. However, my result doesn't have product names showing, but it has product names showing when clicking the arrow. Could anyone help me figure out what am I missing here?  









  • @mimi816 

    You're on the right track. Almost there.

    • For the system module you will import the product value.
    • SYS12 uses the "SKU Flat" list
    • Make sure the line item is formatted as "Products Flat" which from your description sounds like you got already.
    • Once the data is loaded you can create your saved view for your "Try it" hierarchy that uses P3 SKU list and has a parent of P2 Products.




  • @JaredDolich it seems that I met all the criteria that you mentioned. However, I do not quite understand"

    • Once the data is loaded you can create your saved view for your "Try it" hierarchy that uses P3 SKU list and has a parent of P2 Products." Could you please include a screenshot of this step?? Thanks! 




  • @mimi816 

    Terrific news! The first step is to get the data loaded into that system module SYS12, so you're good to go. Soon, you will be asked to build a structured hierarchy using the product system modules. The first step is to create a saved view that allows you build the P3 SKU hierarchy, so you'll need three values: The name, the code, and the parent. Of course, when you load the "Try It" hierarchy you always load structured hierarchies top to bottom as you will soon learn. In a real implementation of Anaplan the data hub has no structure. All the properties are saved in system modules including the parent level. The reason is we don't need to plan in the data hub so there's no point in taking space up for aggregations. Way to go!



  • @JaredDolich my general list is the same as yours but there's the Product line below that is still not picking up the products...



  • @mimi816 

    You're closer than you think. Just check your mapping.




  • Bingo! I didn't map it correctly before. Thank you for the screenshot, it's good now!

  • @mimi816 

    Awesome job! Don't forget to mark the post as solved. This will help others find the answer if they have the same challenge.