Create Distribution Center Capacity Module

I have completed the below task and added the formulas however, i am not sure about the numbers for the 

"Total Beginning Inventory" it seems that i have negative numbers as a result the Percentage Full numbers is not right:

Thus, i had to check again the formulas in INV01 Inventory Ordering and the SYS08:

Could you please support me here or just provide a hint?


  • Module Name: INV04 Distribution Center Capacity 
  • Dimensions: s G3 Location: Distribution Centers? list, Time (month)
  • Category: Inventory 
  • Functional Area: Inventory 
Line Item Format Purpose
Total Beginning InventoryNumberDisplay total Beginning Inventory by Distribution Center for each month 
Distribution Center CapacityNumberDisplay Distribution Center Inventory Capacity
Percentage FullPercentageDisplay the Distribution Center’s current percentage full – amount of inventory compared to the available capacity



    You're super close. Just need a few adjustments

    • Your summary methods should be more aligned with the time hierarchy. inventory uses a beginning or ending balance - see image below
    • Your percentage full calculation you took too literally. Think about how a percentage would apply here. Image below.
    • Your beginning inventory values should be checked in INV01. Make sure you've loaded the right data.



  • Thank you very much Jared! i did not think at all about the Time Hierarchy. Thank you very much for your support!!

    As for the INV01 i checked the formula it looks okay. Then i checked the DAT01 Beginning Inventory and i checked it against the provided file (Beginning+ Inventory.csv) and i can see the same total.