How to breakdown the calendar month onto smaller parts?




While using Month/Quarter/Year Calendar type I need to breakdown the calendar month onto smaller parts:

  • decades (1-10, 11-20, 21 - 28/29/30/31) or
  • calendar weeks, which can be complete: Sun - Sat, or incomplete)

Let's take July 2022 as an example:

Jul-22-w1: 01/07 - 02/07 - incomplete

Jul-22-w2: 03/07 - 09/07 - complete

Jul-22-w3: 10/07 - 16/07 - complete

Jul-22-w4: 17/07 - 23/07 - complete

Jul-22-w5: 24/07 - 30/07 - complete

Jul-22-w6: 31/07 - incomplete


How can I do this?


  • Hi 


    You could create time ranges to modularize the calender settings 




    Here you create specific time ranges based on the time settings you require eg week 1, month 2 etc 



  • Sorry, don't get how to do it.



    Note: The minimum length of a time range is one year. The maximum extent of a time range is (nearly) 100 years with the earliest being FY1981 and the latest FY2078. If you choose the earliest available Start Period of FY1981, the maximum number of years is 98. If the Start Period is FY2078, then the maximum number of years is 1.

  • Hi


    You are correct, the week breakdown for time ranges is not possible.


    If you had a different calender type e.g. based on weeks; then time functions such as weekvalue, weektodate could help.

    I will try to explore further.


  • Hi


    Another option you could explore is to have your time reqts set as lists, and use this instead of the standard TIME dimension.

    You will have to set these up as lists and import data accordingly; but this is a possible solution.




  • Hi


    The idea to replace the standard time dimension looks dangerous.

    I think I've found the solution. I created a new module Time Settings Details with a Day timescale and with items and formulae below


    With this module, I can easily extend it to all timescale specifics needed. This approach is similar to one I have with Power BI calendar dimension.


    However, I appreciate any comments or alerts regarding the suggested solution.