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Hi everyone,


I have a module which is dimensioned by 'L3' List. It hold amount data. I want to filter l3 list by Region. So, I have added a region filter and published as a 2nd grid in the same Page. But, in the Summary for the 2nd grid, is there any chance that I will get only sum of the list items that are filtered out.


For example:



For list item '2' in the second grid, can I get 545 , instead of 547(which we are getting by summing up all list items under '2') . Is there any such way?. 






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  • TristanS
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    You will have to create a new line item in the module that is referenced in grid 2. For example, call it "amount x". The formula will then be

    if filter.region = grid2.region then amount else 0 


    Hide the original line item amount and display Amount X in grid 2 UX