Level 1 lesson 7 import of numbered list


 I have mapped as per rules define for mapping of numbered list still there is no update in the module after importing the data many times, kindly assist me what i am doing wrong


  • Hello @Ankitajaiswal1 ,


    It certainly seems like you are in the correct path as you have the date line items formatted as "DATE". I would ask you to do the following 2 actions:


    1. Check the square by the dates in the last screenshot (57) and check whether the dates are aligned with the format that you have defined there. Please share another screenshot of this, but if you did it correctly, the dates should show in green.
    2. Open the source file in excel and check whether the actual date is correct in excel. I remember that there was one file where I struggled with the dates because excel was pulling incorrect numbers.

    Hope that helped! Please let us know how you get along!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • thank you, It worked as there is a problem in my employee list