Time (Filter & Styling)


I am trying to build a module to track the task assigned to each employees. I have the assignments (numbered list) and time spent (line item) as the rows and the time as a row (day scale). I am trying to modify the time (styling and filters) such that it is more intuitive for the users. These are some ideas that I am trying to achieve 1. Indicate that dates are weekends (eg. provide styling for weekends) 2. Automatically filter dates such that the users only see the dates of the current month 3. Indicate that dates are public holidays I am just starting out with Anaplan and would appreciate if anyone has ideas on how this can be achieved.



  • You can check if a date is a weekend by saying
    IF WEEKDAY(Start) >= 6 THEN  ELSE 
    To check for public holidays you'll need an input module where you define the public holidays, because Anaplan doesn't know (it doesn't even know what country you're in).

    You could then use all this to colour your timesheet module by adding a line item that returns (for example) 0 for a working day, 1 for a weekend and 2 for a public holiday, the using conditional formatting to colour your Time Spent line item white, pink or red based on that. Or you could add a filter to the Time dimension to show only days where that line item is 0 (i.e. a working day).