Suppress 0 or missing where there is no YearTotal aggregation



I have a situation where I need to suppress 0 or missing for Headcount, Note that the Months do not aggregate to Year. The months are in columns.

How do I achieve this, so that it look at Jan, feb, mar etc..



  • You can use the TIMESUM function to aggregate data across all time periods and then use a filter that looks for non-zero values.
  • Hi

    I have done it but it will suppress based on the List (not the line item),

    Say for example there are two line items - Part time Head and Full time head.

    And there are 20 employees.

    If an employee does not have any heads at all, it suppresses it, however, employees with either part time or full time shows both lines.

  • To filter line items, create a line item subset out of these two line items. Use TIMESUM using the line item subset as a dimension. Then you should be able to apply this filter on the original line items.