Country Size summary UX page


Kindly assist me in preparing the Country Size summary UX page as i am not able to update the context selectors for size.



  • Ease their concerns by providing corresponding local sizes, comprehensive size charts, and supplemental measurements. Share this article
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  • cvshealthsurveyblog
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    Setting selectors are drop-down records that empower you to change deftly between aspect values to change the setting of a page. You can arrange setting selectors to direct clients to the information they need to see. look at CVS Survey.

  • alishaKihn
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    To update the context selectors for size, please follow these steps:

    1. Identify the context selectors: Determine the specific context selectors that need to be updated for the Country Size summary. For example, this could include dropdown menus, radio buttons, or checkboxes related to size preferences.
    2. Determine the content options: Decide on the available content options that users can select for each context selector. In the case of size, this might include small, medium, large, or specific measurements such as square kilometers or square miles.
    3. Update the UX elements: Access the code or design tool for the Country Size summary UX pagpage(Candy Crush), and locate the relevant context selectors. Modify these elements to include the updated content options.
    4. Ensure user-friendly interface: Ensure that the updated context selectors are easy to understand and use. Use clear labels and intuitive interface design to guide users in selecting their preferred size options.
    5. Test the page: Once you have made the updates, thoroughly test the Country Size summary UX page to ensure that the context selectors for size are functioning correctly. Verify that the selected options are properly displayed and saved.
    6. Iterate and improve: If necessary, gather feedback from users and stakeholders to identify any usability issues or areas for improvement. Iterate on the design and functionality of the context selectors to enhance the user experience.
      Remember to save and deploy your changes to make the updated Country Size summary UX page available to

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    great, thanks a lot.

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