Model Building Level 1 Model Building Activity 6 8 1


I have accomplished the activity; however, I have the word forecast appearing. Can someone help me? I need that to disappear. 
I am very new and would appreciate it very much if someone would guide me. 




  • @KatzCharland 

    You're doing great. You've almost got this. The lists for the line item you created does not match the module lists. You've created what's called a "subsidiary view". We need to remove the "version" list. To do that you need to adjust the "applies to" so that it matches the module. Usually you can just add a "-" (hyphen) or you can explicitly change it. Here's what it should look like!




  • Jared, I am not sure why mapping seems difficult to me. I have the concept but doing it is a another thing.
    8.5.3 Activity. Any guidance there please? Importing is easy mapping is not so much. I am just learning to manipulate the software.