File upload Question


I am trying to upload the file with the data and headers below. But for some reason I am getting an error on the time setting. not sure what to do here or how I should be setting the dimensions of the module. 







  • @drathod 

    Yep. This is a good use case. The top issue here is the first column in your transaction file. Anaplan needs a unique identifier for each row so your choices are :

    • use that first column, (not recommended)
    • create a key from the existing columns that are there (I do recommend).
    • Create a transaction module that matches the dimensions of your spreadsheet - in this case you would need to remove the first column

    Here's @rob_marshall most excellent article on loading data of this sort. Totally worth it to read and will change your Anaplan life forever!

  • @drathod @JaredDolich


    Actually, you have everything you need right there, just change the columns for months to represent the Year (along with the months).


    Then, your module will be dimensionalized by Accounts (which you have), Time, and Versions.  Create one line item and name it Data which is where the transactional data will be loaded to.



  • @drathod 


    Wait on what I just said above, what does BugetYear represent?

  • So the budget year in this case represents fiscal year for actual and forecast for each of the different accounts. 

  • and then you have the amounts across the top separated by month. 

  • Thank you so much @JaredDolich and @rob_marshall !!