Create filter based on line item


Hello All,

I have a requirement where we can create filter based on line item so that we can export them.

There are five line items for example - Payroll tax, salary, overtime, incentive, and bonus.

The user should be able to check (using the new UX) which of the line items they want to export. Based on the checks, we shold be able to create a filter and save the view.

Any options?


  • Hi,


    Maybe try using Line item subsets for your export module and set up filters for the LIS.




  • Hi @khoonks 


    This solution will only work if your line items are number formatted. Here is a stepwise idea of what to do:

    1. Create a line item subset and select your module


    2. Open the Line item subset and select the line items you want to be a part of this:


    3. Create a new 'Filter' module dimensioned by this line item. Add a Boolean formatted line item 'Filter for export'. This is where your users will select the line item they want to export


    4. Add a filter in your export module using this line item you created:


    5. Export this view!




    Hope this helps