Use of default and mandatory "Organization" list in models


Has anyone used the "Organization" list models? Anaplan automatically creates it in every model which can't be deleted. I've never seen it used. I also don't recall any of the Anaplan courses use it.  

1. Has anyone used it? If yes, how did you use it?

2. How is it theoretically supposed to be used? I guess theoretically, you can use it as the parent the company's financial hierarchy, e.g. region, business unit, departments but I've never seen any models I've worked on use it. 




Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Good question. It's a programming limitation. The way Anaplan was built requires at list one list. Most people just leave it empty and use it as a header list. Or, if you like, you can repurpose it for a normal list. It just cannot be deleted. I believe in level 1 certification we're taught about header lists and how to repurpose the mandatory list.