Level 1 Activity 8.5.3 No Numbers Importing


I am having issues importing the numbers into my REV02. Everything else has imported. Am I suppose to change the Summary from sum to formula and add a formula? 
Need some guidance please! 



  • Ah! I can see your product codes have been added as line items. Can you please share your import mapping - the first screen when you start doing the import

  • KatzCharland_0-1659800174248.jpeg


  • Maybe this way is better to see my mapping page. 

    1. Your data's column headers are in row 2 and data starts from row 3 - that is the first change you need to do on the very first page when you start your mapping


    2. You map the columns that correspond to your dimension:



    3. Make sure your time format is mapped correctly


    Make sure you revisit what all went wrong with this import - this is probably the best one yet!


  • Do I need to delete everything? I am not sure how to return to the files options. I am so new.
  • Hi,

    Sorry my bad, Start will importing the csv again. that is where you will see the option.
    Open your module, go to data and then import - select the csv you want to import and you got a fresh start
  • You are okay the world is all wrong. Lol
  • I am sorry it took so long to respond to the solution being solved. I had a death in the family.