Not able to access card in ux page



 i have created this ux page and now i am unable to see them 



  • @Brj73 @So many reasons this can happen. Anaplan should have a checklist for this type of error. Well let's try make one up now.

    1. Is the page pointing to the right environment? E.g. page is pointing to production but the underlying modules is still development environment pending to be deployed to prod. 

    2. Does the underlying module that card refers to still there? E.g. the module has not been deleted.  

    3. Is the card referencing a saved view? If yes, is the view still there? 

    4. Does the user have permission to access it? E.g. user is assigned a role that does not have any read access to the underlying module

    5. Actually recall an instance like this where first 3 items above was true but was still getting an error. It turned out that the card got corrupted somehow. The fix was add a new card and add enter the same parameters you had as the card giving you that error and see if that fixes it. If it does, just delete the card throwing that error after. 


    That's the only ones I can think of at the moment but there has to be more reasons I reckon


  • Brj73
    Got it i deleted that module then not made the ux page again this was the reason .
    Ahain can u tell me about this which approach to use for building a ux page
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     as i have no access to create app  

  • Best use a custom view rather than a saved view I reckon. Other than that, just follow all other instructions provided in the training. And just be mindful when you delete a module in terms of how it can impact the UX. Anaplan is not that smart to give you an error the same way it prevents you deleting a line item if it is being used by another module. At the moment, it does not throw any UX related errors when you try delete a line item or module. 

  • 1st one of your screenshots I reckon

  • Brj73

    Once more issue i saved the line chart view in dem03 module but it is not showing there as it was published in dadhboard while saving 

    Now the question is how to get it to ux page when we view source from the model 


  • Brj73
    Please help me in this the above querry