Is creating views of the module necessary?


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I've just passed the Model Builder Level 1 Course and my questions might look too early to come but I wonder what would be the purpose of creating specific views of a module within a model when I can create UX pages instead. I can choose to use custom views of a module as a data source with plenty of pivoting, hiding, filtering and other options.


Is creating views of a module essential for model building?


Another question I faced during the course is that the process of importing data to the module depends on the layout of the module (pivot) and in some cases it's impossible to import data correctly until I change the layout respectively. 


Why so? 


  • @YuriPinchuk 


    few things to consider here:


    - importing -


    Import breaks when we move dimensions from rows to columns or pages, and vice versa; as importing mapping/tab options changes; therefore need to understand pivots for importing.


    this effects the mappings and tabs in the import process; therefore pivots affect the import process


    views - the general concensus is to create custom views becuase:


    clear seperation of duties between model builder and end user who can create own custom views

    reduces model clutter and space, as views are know integrated in UX pages

     Conditional formating is more powerful in UX pages becuase of custom colours


    This is the recommended practise.


    Some advantages of model views:


    the ability to reuse them for multiple pages

    less load on end user


    Hope this helps.



  • Thanks, @RavinderB , things become more clear for me now 



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